As a Product Manager, you often have multiple roles. It is a cross of Business, Customer, and Technology. Here are few highlighted skills every successful PM should have.

  1. KNOW YOUR MARKET: Have a clear understanding of your market where your product will compete. Stay on top of new technologies and trends. Have a deep level of insight for the interworking of the product as well as how customers leverage it. 
  2. LEARN YOUR CODE: You need to be able to clearly communicate with your engineers/dev team and understanding their concerns and constraints on why a feature implementation may NOT be a "quick fix" as the sale team may suggest! You do not need to become a code slayer but at least be able to communicate technical and non technical items to stakeholders.
  3. BE DATA DRIVEN: Know your analytics so you can know what is working for your targeted audience to keep your product moving forward with new features and improvements. Utilize the great analytical tracking tools on the market such as Google Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, and Amplitude just to name a few. Understand how these tools will help you answer questions about your product. (Lifesavers!)