Lisa Godwin

Lisa G. is a...

... passionate media tech professional with over 10 years of experience in producing immersive experiential products for strategic partnerships and opportunities to generate brand growth. An ideal blend of intuitive and conceptual thinking paired with an expert knowledge of the technology industry, Lisa has held senior level positions at major corporations including Liberty Tax Inc., MTV Networks, Major League Baseball Association, NBCUniversal and Complex Media to name a few. Currently she is a Senior Consultant and Creative Technologist at The New York Times.

Lisa’s skill set in media, marketing, entertainment and technology has led her to found You Are Tech, a fusion of technology, culture, and education. The media based platform is geared towards helping people transition into a career in technology by highlighting the various avenues in the industry and coaching your path for success. Lisa spends her free time traveling the world in search of the perfect poker game, and looks forward to the day when her next winnings will be paid out in cryptocurrency.



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